Saving files properly.

I’m recording LP’s to digital and I’m have issues with how things get saved.

I make a folder with album name and store it in the artists folder and then save each song with a track number (01 Name of Song) just like all the other albums on my drive, but they don’t get read the same. Sometimes they are out of order and sometimes the album title wil say “no album” even though it’s in a folder with the name of the album and appears under the artists name. Any clues would be appreciated.


Audacity does not save sound files. It saves Projects which are Audio Production Management Environments consisting of many files–none of them, by the way, are sound files.

I would Export As WAV after capture. That will give you straightforward sound files that you can manage in a normal manner. After Exporting, you can either use the timeline you have, or open the WAV files later, mark the song boundries and export multiple.

Are you on a Mac? The rules change slightly if you’re in iTunes.