Saving cut tracks to USB


I am new to Audacity. I managed to use YTmp3 36 songs for a party. I imported them into Audacity and was able to cut each Track how I wanted it to sound and fit the time schedule for a skit/scene I am doing.
I then set the tracks end to end. It shows them all in a row and total time.

  1. I don’t know if this file I have created will play now in the new cut format in the order I put it in.
  2. When I try to export it to USB or the computer it says I need the Lame_enc.dll.
  3. I clicked on download and I think it is on my computer; but can’t get Audacity to find it and transfer my track/song list to a USB to take to party.
  4. When I hit cancel at the same point; it said could not open MP3 encoding library.

Any ideas would be helpful. Where to find a reliable download link for Lame_enc.dll

I am not a computer person for years. Figured this much out on my own and a young friend who told me how to get music of YouTube. Thx.

Anyone can open and play an MP3 sound file. But to make one requires (until recently) licensed and purchased software. The Lame software package is a work-alike, non-licensed Audacity add-on that allows making very close MP3s without writing a check.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.17.03.png


  1. I don’t know if this file I have created will play now in the new cut format in the order I put it in.

I’d suggest you export to WAV on your regular-internal hard drive to check it out before making an MP3 and exporting to an external USB drive.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to have a back-up on your main hard drive (or somewhere else). So once your “production” is good you might want to export to your regular hard drive and then copy the file to the USB drive.

One thing about MP3… As you may know, MP3 is lossy compression. That’s OK… At high-quality settings it can often sound identical to the original. But data is thrown-away, and if you open (or re-open) an MP3 in Audacity it gets decompressed. Then, if you re-save as MP3 (or other lossy format) it goes-through another generation of lossy compression and the “damage” does accumulate. So, it’s best to compress ONCE as the last step and if you need to make further changes it’s best to go-back to the original files, the saved WAV file, or the Audacity project file.

What he said.

If you just play the sound files on the computer, you’re likely to get them in alphabetical order by filename. You can fake that by intentionally ordering the song titles.


There is software that lets you order music by your desire rather than A-B-C. Most Audio CD software can do that. iTunes has playlists that allow ordering.


Yes I tried the same page you screen shot to me. About to give up, but off work tomorrow, so may try again. Thank you for your help.

Yes I ordered them ahead of time before importing to Audacity. So order is great, cut out parts of the song to shorten them. It’s the exporting to the computer is the problem now. I will try to download that lame ddl thing again.

ok I will try your link listed above. Their was so many ones to click on to download, very confusing. Will the correct Lame file take 1 min or 10 min. to download and executable file?