Saving Compressed project - but continuing to edit

I was working on a heavily edited project, which had bloated to 2.2 GB.

When I wanted to send it to a fellow collaborator, I decided that that was simply too large for downloading quickly.

So I Saved a “Compressed Copy of Project…”, figuring I might reduce the file size to perhaps a third if lucky. 700MB would be more manageable.

To my extreme surprise, the compressed project is a mere 140MB!

On the one hand, this is terrific!

On the other, I am now a little anxious. I’d heard that Ogg Vorbis is one of the least lossy compressors around. But we still have about an eighth of the project to cut, then to levelate (if that’s a word), equalise, perhaps noise reduce, etc. If it gets sent back and forth between us four or five times, how much of a risk are we taking regarding loss of quality?

The entire audio project is free from music — being all just speech.

Do you think we will be fine — or is there a significant risk of noticeable degradation?

I was unsure whether to post this in the AudioBook forum (and am open to advice). I wanted to reach as many “compression experts” as possible.

Grateful for everyone’s advice.

Don’t worry.

Voice compresses much better than music, usually. That’s because there are a lot of almost silent parts. And a narrower frequency band.

Besides, even low bitrate mp3 compression won’t hurt voice as much as music.