Saving Changed Audio Speed To File, Is This Possible?

Is there a way to save audio once you have slowed it down using Audacity 2.0.0 on Windows 98? rather than once you have slowed it to whichever speed you want then have to play it and record it manually by another recorder as it plays which would take much longer.

My version of Audacity 2.0.0 was installed by the exe file audacity-win-2.0-ansi-rc3.

Hope I have explained this well, if not I will add more info if needed.

Thanks. :wink:

Once you have the Audacity project playing back just as you want it, Stop the playback and do File > Export, choosing whichever file format you want - WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM is a pretty safe bet for your first attempt.

I tried that earlier and again after reading your reply but the file plays at the speed it was before I change the playback speed and doesn’t play at the changed speed. :frowning:

I think perhaps it’s the way I am changing the speed that is causing the issue.

Should I be going to Effect then change speed rather than using the play at speed toolbar?

Yes, that’s it.

Thanks folks :smiley:

As my next question is to do with audio again I decided not to open up a new thread and ask it here, hope that is ok.

Is there a way to lower the audio level only then save that changed audio file?

A note on terminology, Audacity never “Saves” the modified audio file, Audacity works in “projects”. You make changes in the Audacity Project then “Export” an new (modified) audio file (such as a WAV file).

If you apply any effect within a project (for example the “Amplify” effect), that will change the audio data in the Audacity Project.
When you then Export the project as a normal audio file it is that changed audio data that gets written to the new audio file.

For a more detailed description of Audacity projects, please see here:

Dear Steve,

Yeah thanks, I understand, it was just that I wanted to know what to use for the sound levels, and you have kindly explained it’s the “Amplify” effect), I thought the term would have been something like Sound Levels or something, but anyway it’s good to know as it works a treat, Audacity is by far very useful for me, and I thank the creator for it.

Best Regards :slight_smile:

Dear Steve, good day.

I am new to Audacity and finally was able to record my 2 speaker podcast on my MAC Catalina IOS, but when I export my WAV file to my editor, the speed of the recording has changed. It seems the “gaps” or silence on the recording are compressed, masking it difficult to the editor to edit the recording. What am I doing wrong? is this on the setting not eh recording or is because I am exporting with wrong setting?

basically, how do I keep the same speed of the file I recorded which is perfect when I listen to it…


Perhaps you have “Ignore blank space at the beginning checked” in Edit > Preferences > Import/Export ?

No? Can you post a screenshot of your project before export, then another of a new project after importing your “exported” file?

Tools > Screenshot