Saving Audio Work

I am just starting to use Audacity while working with a Voice Coach to develop my Voice Over skills. I just cannot seem to figure out how to “Save” my work, so I can go back and listen to multiple recordings of scripts for comparison, and be able to send them out to my coach as he is a couple hundred miles away. I have read the steps to Save a number of times; however, it just doesn’t seem to come together when I try to do it. Recording is not problem, it’s the “Save” part. Can anyone possibly give me some tips? Thank you.

It’s a common problem. Audacity doesn’t save sound files, it saves Projects. You can get Audacity to make a sound file through Export.

The default Export is WAV (Microsoft) which will open and play in all three major computer systems, but if you need to send a long (though lower quality) show through email, you probably need MP3. There’s a hitch with MP3 because Audacity won’t make one of those without adding software. Audacity can’t bury the cost of an MP3 license in the price because there is no charge.