Saving And Exporting

Hey guys im just new at using Audacity, im using to pre record a radio show for my station,
at the moment it wont let me save and or export when saving it comes up saying [ could not save project, perhaps /volumes/audacity 2.0.3/ghh is not writable or disk is ful.
when i try to export something to MP3 format it comes up saying [ unable to open target files for writing.

im not that much into computers, so if you were able to give me some simple advice that would be helpful.


Try using very plain filenames with no punctuation. Today is not 4/15/13. It’s 20130415.

Punctuation marks can drive computers nuts.

Also, make sure you stopped the show and not just paused it.


You are running Audacity from the .dmg then trying to save to the .dmg. Please install Audacity according to these instructions:

  • Double-click the downloaded .dmg to mount it
    Then to install Audacity, copy the “Audacity” folder from the newly mounted .dmg to /Applications or any other location of your choosing.

– Bill