saving an edited tune.

after you edit a tunewith audicity how do you save it?do you use “save project as” or “save project”?"save project as"allows you to name the song but you can also do the same with “save project”…does audicity stort these "audicity files"in its own
area or can you config it so they will go into your regular "my documents"area?thanks.


The only difference between “save project” and “save project as” is that the latter will allow you to rename an already-saved project. But if you’re done editing, you probably shouldn’t use either. Instead, export the project to WAV or something like that. That way you can rename or move the file as you please. Audacity “projects” are not single files, but collections of files. While you can put them wherever you want on your computer, moving or renaming them can be tricky for new users. --Allen

thanks 4 your input…