Saving Amplified Audio

I just downloaded Audacity 2.0.0, to edit recordings that I made with more finesse. I recorded sections of a book using my iPod Nano and have been able to fix everything, including amplifying the audio. After recording, I realized it was a bit too quiet, so I fixed it, but when I saved it and then exported the file as an MP3 (I am giving these recordings as a gift), the amplification was no longer applied. I need the tracks to retain their amplified volume, but don’t know how to do so. Any help?

How are you listening to the final sound files? In Windows? Can you listen on a separate computer? I don’t think Audacity is doing this. I think Windows is trying to Help You by automatically leveling the work. If you Import both the before and the after into Audacity, are the blue waves the same size?

I export the amplified files as an MP3 and then listen to them using iTunes. I tried re-uploading the files I’d already edited to see if there was a difference in the waves, but it was the same - as if I’d not amplified them