Saving After Chain Effect

I am new to Audacity (less than a week). When I run a chain to Normalize volume, either it is not saving the change or it is not registering that the file has been modified.

When I added “Save as mp3” to the chain, it saved the changes to a subfolder called “Cleaned” But… it has lost some of the tag, specifically composer. Maybe more, but haven’t checked. As 20% of my collection is classical music, the composer field is very important to me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Addendum to my last post

When I choose to save as mp3 after normalizing in a chain, the other thing that is lost is if it is a various artist compilation, it loses this information and loses “Various Artists” from the album artist field, resulting in the album being scattered all over the place, sorting by track artist since album artist is now blank. Please help.

To save the changes when running a Chain, you have to add an Export step at the end of the chain (as you have discovered).

I rarely use metadata myself, but some users find it easiest to handle metadata tags using a specialist tag editor (such as Mp3Tag).

Please see the 2.1.2 Release Notes for why that happens. No tags are removed, but your particular media player or file manager can’t see them.