Saving a .wav file in 2.0.5

I am using 2.0.5. Ultimately I want to download a video of acoustic guitar into Audacity, save the music portion as a .wav file to export to Intelliscore. But when I try to do that, first I get an error message that I need to get permission from the administrator to save it to this location (it doesn’t say where it’s trying to save it). I can save it to a location called “Ralph” (which is on my computer), but it never is saved as a .wav file. It’s always a .wav_data file. What does that mean? I want to save the music as a .wav file to export it to Intelliscore to change it to midi and then get the notation to learn the guitar piece. Any suggestions? I use Windows 7.

The current version of Audacity is 2.0.6 which is available here:

In 2.0.6, “File menu > Save Project” will save an Audacity project. An Audacity Project is not a normal audio file and it can only be opened in Audacity.
To create a normal audio file: “File menu > Export Audio”.

The default export format is 16 bit WAV, which is supported by intelliscore.

The Audacity manual is included in the recommended download (in the Help menu) and is also available on-line. You will probably find it useful to look through the “Getting Started” section: