Saving a song

Sorry if this is very basic! BUT I cannot follow the method of transferring a song I wrote to somewhere that I can recall it
I recorded it to Audacity, but wish to save it to send to others, but it doesn’t appear to be available to export when I press the ‘export’ option… I am in my eighties, and perhaps cannot quite understand the process! So, would very much appreciate a very clear and comprehensive set of instructions, please!

Thank you for any help,

Ron Weir

You can’t export (or edit) when the track is playing or paused. Press the yellow Stop button.

Does that solve it?


If you are trying to export the audio from Audacity in the mp3 format you have to install something called LAME into Audacity before you can do that, (LAME is necessary component to enable Audacity to create mp3 files) …