Saving a segment of an mp3 as a file

Hi All,

I have a long audio (1 hour 35 minutes) and I’d like to save portions of it each as it’s own audio file.

Thus, I’d like to save from 7 minutes 13 seconds and 30th of a second (7:13:30) through 12 minutes 54 seconds (12:54) as an MP3 file.

I tried suing the Ctrl + B but I;m nit sure if that’s the best approach?

So, I placed the playhead at 7:13:30 and pressed Ctrl + B and then dragged the playhead to 12:54 and pressed Ctrl + B.

I’m not sure how to "capture all that sound and then export that captured segment as a separate .MP3?

Thank you kindly!

Set labels at each of the break points. I don’t know what that is on Windows. On a Mac, it’s Command+B.

Don’t forget you have to put something in the tiny Label text window. “Enter” works.

Use the Zoom and navigation tools to find the points.

When you get everything all labeled, you can drag between the labels and the cursor will stick to them. File > Export that selected chunk.

File > Export > Export Selected Audio > File type, MP3, etc. etc.

Do that to each segment. Export Selected Audio is important. If you click anything else, Audacity will try to export the whole show not the selection.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is the MP3. MP3 gets its small, convenient files by rearranging musical tones and leaving some of them out. You can’t ever get them back. If you make an MP3 from an MP3 in Audacity, it will do it again and you can’t stop it.

If chopping up an MP3 is all you want to do, then one of the pure MP3 editors such as MP3DirectCut may be for you.