saving a project

I have put export my music into wav as well as mp3 format. But I would like to save this put I get this warning box saying the save project is for a audacity project not a audio file . But I would like to save this as a back up. Can I do this.

If you want to save the project don’t worry about the warning. (It’s not a regular audio file and it can only be opened by Audacity.)

But I would like to save this as a back up.

An Audacity project is not a good long-term back-up. It’s not a single-file, it’s a folder/file structure and it’s easy to foul-up if you copy or move it, etc.

I almost never save a project… I just export audio files (WAV & MP3). And, I generally recommend that people export to WAV whether or not they are making a project.

WAV or FLAC are lossless so they are good back-up/archive formats. (FLACs are almost half the size as WAVs and are better for metadata/tags.)

Thank you for this. I understand about audacity. I have been transferring my records music into mp3 and wav for Cd’s. You see I make clocks out of these records and therefor I need to save the music.

WAV is good. The only reason you would need Projects is if you needed to save the timelines and graphic layouts. WAV won’t do multi-track. But it’s still not a good idea. WAV files are good for archive storage.

Pretend you’re making a CD, and don’t burn the CD.


Well Koz you said that Wav doesn’t do Multi-track well I beg to differ. I have don’t some records and put the songs into multiple tracks on the wav and mp3 format and the do play. So Wav does do multi-tracks.