saving a project

We tried to record for the first time, I can’t save my project. Neither save or save as. I have lots of hard drive space. It will not export to my cd burner either. Do I need to reinstal?

Why not? What happens?
If you get the “Metadata Editor” window pop up, just click “OK” on it.

It saves the files but when I try to retrieve them later, it says files not advailable.

When I send to cd burner it says cd recorder not advailable.

You may be experiencing the common confusion about “Saving Projects” and “Exporting Files”.
Audacity Projects are made up of 2 parts - a project file (filename.aup) and a data folder _filename__data
Both parts are required for an Audacity Project.

Audacity Projects are NOT audio files.

To produce an audio file you must “Export” the audio from Audacity.

If you are wanting to make an audio CD you should Export as a 16 bit WAV file with a sample rate of 44100 Hz.
Here’s a couple of articles that may help: