Saving a project hangs Audacity

v 2.0.5
Windows 7 x64 SP1


  1. I recorded approx. 10 hours of streaming internet audio via the program on my PC.
  2. Attempting to save the project caused Audacity to hang indefinitely.
  3. I killed the program in Task Mgr., then reopened the Audacity recording which stated it was recovered but there was no recording shown.
  4. Closing Audacity again, I received another option to save the project, which I did.
  5. The result of the save was an empty data file folder and a 2kb .aud file which plays nothing.

I’ve attached the error log file and result of the save in step 4. Let me know if any other info is needed.

Thanks for the assistance!
Audacity_Trouble.rar (61.3 KB)

There is a [u]Crash Recovery page[/u] in the wiki. Maybe something there will help.

The AUP file looks like a perfectly formed empty project.
The log file says that Audacity can’t open files in the folder:

Are you logged in as “DK”?
Does that folder exist?

I don’t know if someone changed the posted RAR, but the log in the current RAR clearly shows that the problem is “orphan block files”. The reason for the orphans is that the project rate is 88200 Hz, which means the maximum audio track length that can be saved as a project is only about 6 hours 45 minutes. See Problem with long recordings saved as projects .

From your description, you saved the project with empty audio, so the recording is now sadly unrecoverable, short of using file recovery software to see if you can recover the AU files that were in the “'C:UsersDKAppDataLocalTempaudacity_tempproject24724” folder. The chances of success will not be high and may be nil on a full magnetic drive or any solid state drive. If you can recover the AU files, ensure that you use recovery software that can preserve the original timestamps of the files.

What you should have done is export the overlong audio as soon as recording completed, then it would have been safe.

In the position you were in where recovery was incorrect you should have force quit the project (which preserves the “AUTOSAVE” temporary project file and the data) then used 2.0.6-alpha as per the link above to try to recover the project. 2.0.6-alpha does not have the orphan problem with long recordings.

This doesn’t explain why the project save hung, unless you were critically short of RAM or disk space. Try recording at 44100 Hz (at Project Rate bottom left). This uses half the amount of disk space and gives you up to 13.5 hours which can be saved as a project in 2.0.5.