saving a partly done recording session

Record while I work at home. When i save any partly done recording ,when I reopen it all the blue is one group down like in 2nd track. I move it back up. Does this have any influence when you go to record which ever track it is in? Know this is difficult to explain. Sorry, Dennis

When you get to the end of a production session, Save an Audacity Project. Call it something with an ISO date in it. 20111205, not 12/05/11. Never put punctuation in filenames. Then, the next day, double click the AUP file and it should open the show from the _DATA folder with all the tracks in their proper places. AUP is not a sound file. Note Projects do not save UNDO.

If you’re compulsive, also export as WAV in case the Project doesn’t open.

If you’re on Audacity 1.2, you should probably stop right away.

Thanks, will try that. Dennis