savind file to USB for transfer to another computer

I downloaded the audacity software to a computer that had a cd drive. I then converted a cassette tape to a file. I then saved the file to a USB to play on another computer. It wouldn’t play so I downloaded the audacity software because this computer doesn’t have a cd drive. But the computer says it can’t find the file that I downloaded from the USB. Help. I wanted to send this file to my Dad because it is my mother singing over forty years ago. Thank you!

Do you still have a working file on the 1st computer? Or, does the file on the USB drive work on the 1st computer? Did you make a CD?

If you Export to WAV or MP3 instead of “saving” you should be able to play the file on any computer. (You’ll need to install the [u]optional LAME MP3 encoder[/u] it you want to make an MP3).