saved vocal file 1minute long but only get 6 sec playback

I used a dictaphone to record song ideas on while I’m out and about, it’s an old one (tape) before wiping the tape i recorded each idea onto Audacity, some files were 1m long, others 30 sec etc, I had at 40 tracks onto one audacity file. I saved it and sent to a folder on my desktop. I have come to listen to the ideas again, i opened up audacity, then the folder and i was presented with a folder named “e00” I opened that and i got four more folders named “d00” “d01” “d02” and “d03” opening the “d00” folder i got 248 .au files, the first one named “e00000c6” is 1.1MB when i dragged it into my audacity program the file is only 5.9 seconds long! Is there a way in which I can get each file to play as it should? Are all my vocal ideas still there just broken up into 6 second clips? If anyone can help i would be forever grateful. Thank you. Scott.

you need to open the projects .aup file not the little audio clips in the project’s associated data folder - See:


Hopefully you have an AUP project file. More information [u]here[/u]. If you don’t have an AUP file there is some recovery information [u]here[/u].

In the future I recommend that you export to a WAV file immediately after recording, whether or not you save as an Audacity project.

Hi, thank you for your help, but it won’t let me drag a folder into audacity, it keeps insisting that i select individual au files, when i tried importing raw data it still only gives 6 seconds with the addition of a screaming sound over the the voice! I know this is simple software but it’s got me beat. Very frustrating.

This is an Audacity Project.

You are intended to double click the AUP file and it will open Audacity and unpack the _DATA folder for you.

Both of those have to be in the same location or folder, they have to have the name they were born with and they both have to be there. It’s frequently impossible to construct a show with just the _DATA folder.


Hi Koz, thank you so much for your help. Is it possible to retrieve/reconstruct an .aup file as I have the folders marked data but only a couple with the .aup tag. Sod’s law the one file i want doesn’t have the .aup file with it! Thanks again.

Is the _DATA folder from a raw recording or from an edit session? A raw recording might be partially recoverable.