Saved - Selectable Multiple Instances Profile Settings

I’m using Manjaro 18.0.4 Illyria
Audacity 2.3.1 (installed from Manjaro Repositories)

Here are the different profile settings I use:

NOTE: Both front and rear record jacks are not
plugged in at the same time.

RECORDING from > Rear 5mm Record Jack (red) (Audio Source)
Audio Host > ALSA
Recording Device > pulse:Rear Mic:0
Recording Channels > Mono
Playback Device > default

RECORDING FROM > Front 5mm Record Jack (red) (External Cassette)
Audio Host > ALSA
Recording Device > pulse:Front Mic:0
Recording Channels > Stereo
Playback Device > HDA ATI SB VT1708BCE Analog

I need to be able to SELECT one or the other of these
profiles at the time of Audacity execution.

That is, program shortcuts (or scripts etc) for separate Audacity recording profiles.

Is this possible and feasible??

Thank You

Audacity does not currently have that functionality, and it would be difficult to implement in Audacity because the device list is dynamic - If you plug in an external audio device, then the list of available audio devices changes.

On Linux it would be “possible” to write a configuration script for your computer that sets the default playback and capture devices. You would then be able to leave Audacity set to record and playback using “default”, and run your script to set what device is the default. One way of doing this is described here: sound - How can I change the default audio device from command line? - Ask Ubuntu