Saved Projects Not Opening Right


I am using Audacity version 2.0.3. and I have saved projects on my computer on that I saved in a folder. This folder is on my profile of the computer, however these projects were made on my girlfriends side. I saved them in a folder on my side for easy access when I am on my side of the computer. All data and aup files are in the same place, and I have not moved or deleted them. They still open just the way I saved them, when I open them from the same folder but from my girlfriends profile on the computer, however, when I try to open them on my computer profile they open with everything in the correct place, but with no audio, no waveforms, just flat lines.

Please help,

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Did you use external sound files in your show? If you did and you told Audacity not to make personal copies of the music (a preference setting) , then the music files must be included in the show move between computers. Worse, the music files have to be in exactly the same directory/folder used in the original show and accessible to the user. This can kill you if you move shows between machines and don’t pay attention.

If you manage that wrong, you will get what you have. Great silent stretches in the show.


Thank you for responding.

All music files were imported into the project. All users on this computer have access to those files. When I saved them, I saved them to a folder that is on my profile on the computer. That way I could use them. All those files are in the same place. I keep all my soundbites, music, and effects in the same folder.


When you say you open this problem project on your computer profile, do you mean you are logged in as yourself, and that the project doesn’t lack its audio when logged in as your girlfriend?

When you have the problem, please click File > Check Dependencies… and tell us what it says, or better, attach a screenshot of it .

Please also click Help > Show Log… , right-click and choose “Select All”, right-click and choose “Copy” then paste that content into your reply.


Here are the screen shots for the error that I am running into and the log from that file on my profile of the computer.
Audacity Error 1.png
Audacity Log Error.png
Thank you everyone for responding…

Could you answer the following?

Either way, the log seems clear - the operating system is denying you access to C:UsersJay’s . You will need to fix that, probably by logging in as “Jay’s” or by logging as an Administrator.

Also please see here for other things you can try: .


Yes that is exactly correct. I am assuming then that I would have to use Audacity as an administrator then correct?

If you set the Audacity temporary folder to some account you cannot guarantee to be able to write to (according to who you are logged in as), then you will always have this problem.

You can fix this in several ways, by

  • Logging in as admin (right-click over audacity.exe and running as admin probably won’t work if you are only logged in as standard user).
  • When logged in as admin, setting the folder permissions on the Audacity temporary folder to give all users all permissions
  • When logged in as admin, share the folder with your girlfriend and yourself and set read/write permissions (this may not work, Windows can be very finnicky and a deny permission always overrules an allow permission if they conflict)
  • In Audacity, Edit > Preferences: Directories and change the temporary folder to somewhere both of you will have write access to (an external hard drive may be suitable; on most versions of Windows you will probably be able to create a folder as adnin on the C:drive and you’ll both be able to access it as a standard user. )

You do the first two of the above by right-click over the folder in Explorer - see the link I posted.