Saved mp3 files and Itunes

I just recorded a vinyl disc on my mac, added labels for each song and saved as mp3. When I import into Itunes it imports all on one line and doesn’t break out by individual song. Audacity 1.3.7. What am I doing wrong?

iTunes doesn’t need you to work really hard to compress your music. It has its own compressor. So you should export your music in the highest quality you can (WAV not MP3) for importing into iTunes.

Music CDs do not carry song titles and other information, so including them in your export may make iTunes happy, but the information may not make it onto a burned CD. Most CD players get song information by logging into a song information service. This is why car CD players mostly tell you Track01, Track02, etc.

After you carefully put your Audacity labels at the beginning of each song. then File > Export Multiple and follow the instructions. Audacity will produce a pile of individual files that you scoop up and dump into an iTunes import.

iTunes import settings should let you change the compressor and type of import format. My favorite is AAC (not MP3) at 256. That gives a good balance between sound quality and iPod fullness.

No matter what you do to the system, a Music CD will only accept 80 minutes of music. If you decide to not make a Standard Music CD, then you can put hours of music on a disk…but it may not play in your car.


Thanks Koz. I exported them as AAC and it worked like a champ using multiple. 1.3.7 is pretty slick. Since it looks like we all use ITunes we need an exporter that will carry labels as a single file.