Saved file shows "Audio Track" for Title

V3.1, Windoze 10

I have songs exported as WAV files. The filenames are the song titles.

The Title property shows Audio Track – instead of the filename, less file extension.

BUT, when I Normalize a group of files, then the Titles do show the filenames, less extension.

How do I get Audacity to save the filename in the Title property without Normalizing?

TIA, Alan

You can use [u]MP3Tag[/u] (or similar) to edit or add the embedded metadata without “touching” the audio data. You can also add album artwork which Audacity doesn’t support. MP3 tag works on most audio file formats, not just MP3.

But note that metadata for WAV files is not well standardized or well supported. Most other formats are better for “tagging”. (And some the data fields are different with different formats.)

…Normalizing doesn’t affect metadata but when you export you are creating a new file and somehow the song title is getting “recovered” and written into the new file.