Saved File location not where I want it

v3.1.3 on a Windoze 10 box.

I am NOT saving a project.
I have been editing/mixing 4 wave tracks.
I then MIX them to a new track.
I then export the Mixed track(s) as a WAV file and save it to the directory I choose.

Today, the file I want to export as a WAV won’t save to the directory I choose.
It wants to save it in the directory where I imported the four tracks that I edited. The filename I entered is also changed to a “track#” instead of the name I entered.

I can correct the filename and save the mixed WAV. But then I have to move it to the directory I originally wanted to save it to.

Anyone know why this is happening?


Does this help?

Yes, that did the trick.
Why I didn’t have the issue in the past I do not know.

I’ll have to remember to set the default directory for Export next time I work on a different batch of tracks.
Thanks for the heads-up.


Well, changing the default directory for the Export WAV command worked – ONCE.

Now, Audacity still wants to export my mix file to the directory I imported the tracks from. It changes my entered filename to “track.#etc.”

The only workaround I have found is to add .WAV extension to the filename and THEN it will save to the intended directory.

I can live with it but it doesn’t seem right especially since I had previously had no problem saving a bunch of mixed track(s) to different directories.
They were all saved where I intended.

Maybe Mickeysoft did a Windoze update that screwed everything up.(?)
Or maybe I need to reinstall Audacity.(?)


Maybe worth resetting preferences in case there’s any invalid or unexpected setting causing the problems.
“Tools menu > Reset Configuration”

Note that this will reset the “Directories” preference that you have just set.

Issue still exists.
I select the mixed track, Export to WAV. The directory where I want it saved is opened but if I don’t enter the .wav extension, it opens the directory I imported the original tracks from, and also changes the filename to ‘track,#’ etc.
I cancel. I export to WAV again and add the .wav extension to the filename and all is good.

Today I’m working on tracks from a different directory.

When I want to export a stereo mix, Audacity goes to the directory I was working in yesterday. I have to find and choose the directory I imported the tracks from TODAY to save the mix.
Then, when I want to save the edited tracks, same thing: goes to the directory I was working in yesterday.

Some of the songs have identical Names! This is all dangerous to me if I don’t pay attention to where I’m saving to! I could easily overwrite a file!

I think I’m going to reinstall Audacity and see what happens!

Anyone have any ideas?