Saved file completely disappeared

Hello there,
Seeking help in recovering a completed and saved Audacity file. 20 hours working on this file and it was complete and saved. I had it open to export it and suddenly audacity gave error message that it was not responding and closed. Now, the file is nowhere to be found. I followed the steps listed online to recover the file. It’s just gone and doesn’t appear in any logs, recent files, or anywhere at all. I can see previous files, but not this one. Where in the world is it?

Any suggestions would be so, so appreciated.

I am using Windows 7.
Thank you so much for your time and help.

What kind of computer and which Audacity (all three numbers)?

20 hours working on this file

How long is the show?

Is this your first show like this?


The AUP file and the _data folder should be living together in the same folder.

Have you searched your computer (type *.aup in the search box)?