saved export file is too large

I hope this might be the correct place to put this question.
I used to use Audacity on another computer and had good luck taking recorded lectures off a digital recording, editing them, and then saving them and they would come out to be 10MB or less. Since my website requires files to be this size, that was perfect.

However, in downloading it on another computer (windows 8 not 7 as before), when i export the the audio, the files are 40 MB. Waaaay too large!

I have split the stereo to mono and erased one of the tracks to help shrink the size (Which i did before anyway) but I feel like I must have missed some simply step to bring this down to a 10mb file…it is only a 40 minute (or less) lecture.

Any ideas or questions?

Not once in there did you say what kind of sound file you’re exporting. If it’s MP3, you can tune the quality and the resulting file sizes at the export step.

File > Export > MP3 > Options (lower right).

You can get down to 32 quality and the work will sound bubbly, but understandable. That’s the lowest quality for a mono show. Use the highest quality you can support.

Also remember you can’t go back and edit an MP3, so if you need archives of your work, use WAV or FLAC.



Thank you for your help…I am using mp3…and yes, the options button that let me change quality was the missing step that I had forgotten about. Once done, I never needed to do it again but I had forgotten it by the time i bought this new computer…

Thank you so much.