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I have been using audacity for 2 years. I just upgraded to windows 8 and downloaded to newest version of audacity (2.04.) Since then my audio files are being saved as files instead of .wav as it has in the past. its also been freezing up and not responding. So my questions are is there a way to fix this? and can I fix my old files? I’ve tried audio converters but they wont register the program file. I need to know a.s.a.p. because I work at a church and any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!

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Audacity doesn’t save sound files. To make a WAV sound file you have to File > Export one. During the Export dialog, you get to choose which file type you want. Audacity defaults to Microsoft WAV.

Also, Windows hides the .wav extension, so you may have .wav files without knowing it.

You used to be able to make Windows reveal extensions from the Start menu, but I don’t know how to do that any more.


First, Thanks. Second, Its exporting as .wav but then on the desktop, it shows as a file folder. It used to show this sometimes, but I could still burn it to a CD if I wanted. Now, it won’t play in a CD player. My question is, what did I screw up or how do I fix it or is there an error in the program or am I just this stupid?

The first thing to do is to tell Windows to show you the file extension (see here:
and check that the files have “.wav” as the file extension.

Instead of burning your audio to CDs, why don’t you place them on a USB thumb key? There are plenty of devices that can read audio files from USB keys.

true, but I make music and message CD’s. I got it figured out now. I re-installed it for the 4th time now its working. THanks!! :smiley:

Unless you also selected the option to Reset Preferences, reinstalling Audacity makes no difference at all to Audacity. That would suggest that the problem was nothing to do with Audacity. If you rebooted the computer, that could have made a difference.