Saved a recording, but not As Project

I chose SAVE after completing the recording of an interview on 11/20/13 and gave it a title.
Today, 12/3/13, I tried to Open that titled recording in my Audacity version 2.0.4 with complicated results:
My file shows up in the file name I assigned, but after opening that file, it shows me another file, and within that file 4 files and within each of those files are 100+ AU Sound Files. Help?

Why did’t it open the whole recording? And is there a way to ask Audacity to re-compile these pieces of the recording in order?

The file that shows up is called: Zek Reading 11 22 2013_data
The subfolder in that folder is called: e00
The subfolders in that folder are: d00, d01, d02, and d03

Each of those files have 100+ AU Sound Format files

What are my options? Thanks for the assistance.

Audacity does not save sound files. It saves Projects. To get a standard, stand-alone music file you need to Export one.

As long as you didn’t delete or move anything, the show should still be there. You are intended to double click on the .AUP file with the same name as your show. The .AUP file, the Project Manager, will figure out how to put together your show from the snippets and fragments in the _DATA folder. The .AUP file and the _DATA folder need to be close to each other to work right. No fair putting one in one folder and the other somewhere else.

It gets complicated when you put a date in the name. Slash marks are just characters to Audacity, but they can mean special things to Windows. Next time use the ISO date format 2013-12-03.

Try opening Audacity and Open Recent.


Appreciate a quick response, but I’ve already tried those things having seen an earlier post.

The file isn’t listed in RECENT.
I did not use any special characters in the title I saved, Windows assigned the “_data” tag in in the title.
The file does not show up in RECENT, and I see no .AUP file.
Nor did I move anything once saved.

Where can I look for the missing .AUP file. If it is no where to be found, what are my options?

Much appreciated.

Open “Computer” or “My Computer” and put “*.AUP” (star - period - AUP, without quotes) in the Search box. You may have to double-click on the drive first, search there and then if you have more than one drive, click “Search again in Computer”.

In each of the four folders, sort the AU files by time then rename the AU files so they follow a sequence instead of being random. Then create a WAV file from each folder using the 1.2 Recovery Utility. Then you can drag the four WAV files into Audacity. It’s explained here Missing features - Audacity Support .