save voice mail, never used audio stuff

Version 2.0.5
I’ve got to get my phone scrubbed because I need it fixed under warranty (2days). They suggested audacity as a way to download and save special voice mails from my galaxy s III. I know so little about using audio equipment or software, I don’t know where to begin. I am using a mini-whatchamacallit cord, set the record (?) item under pref. to software flowthrough, turned off overdub and get incredibly terrible sounds. I’m going to try to attach a sample. Hoping it’s short enough. I have a Toshiba notebook, windows 7 business or ofc. 64.
p.s. I have read and downloaded several instructions but can’t figure out how to use the software.

Oh, I plugged one end of the mini cord into the phone earphone port and the other end into the notebook’s mic.
ty betsy

Oh, I plugged one end of the mini cord into the phone earphone port and the other end into the notebook’s mic.

The mic input is too sensitive. If you have access to a desktop computer with a a regular soundcard, the line-input will give you better results.

You can get a USB interface with line-level inputs, such as the [u]Behringer UCA202[/u], but I don’t know if you have time to get one. (The Behringer also requires a different cable.)

Note: A regular “USB soundcard” won’t work, because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.

Or, there should be a way to digitally transfer the files. I assume your phone has a USB port or Wi-Fi (similar to how you would upload/download a ringtone or MP3). But, you’d have to research how to do that with your particular phone.

Or… I thought voicemail is stored on the phone company’s server, not in the phone???

I’ll check where they save the voicemails. That wld be a relief at this point–if it’s online. And, I do have a desktop. I don’t have it set up right now as we’ve been setting up a new office for me, but it wld be easy to do as I have a new desk waiting for it. Wld I still use the mini cord? Or, cld I use a data cord from an HP printer, but I don’t know that that’s got the mini or micro usb on its end. It may have a reg usb and the more square looking one for the printer. Thanks for helping.

Would I still use the mini cord?

For the analog line-input on your desktop soundcard, yes, it’s the same connector as the microphone input on your laptop. A standard soundcard on a desktop has 3 identical 3.5mm female connectors for microphone, line-in, and speakers/headphones. Line-in is normally blue. (A 5.1 channel soundcard has two more.)

I don’t know anything about the USB connection on the phone. I’d guess it’s a micro connector, and the printer probably uses a “standard” connector. I’m sure any office supply or electronics/computer store would have the cable. There are so many different USB connectors that it can get rather confusing… You normally have to check the owner’s manual or take the phone/device to the store.

Blue is generally Stereo Line-In and doesn’t have the sensitivity or distortion problems that Mic-In does. It’s not Glen Glenn Hollywood Sound, but they do work.

The desperation method is to record using the laptop microphone in a quiet room and play each mail on the cellphone conference mode speaker, or just put the cellphone close to the laptop microphone. You may need to scratch around with your finger to find it. Mine is behind a grill to the left of my shift key. My computer before this one was in the lid.


If the voice mails are only on the phone (not online) and you don’t have time to record them, then assuming you can get the correct USB cable you should be able to transfer the files to a computer. This link may help: .

However this is a risk if the files are not in a format that can be easily played. You would be better to ask on this Forum for specifics about voicemail: .


ty everybody. I’m on my desktop now. I’ll try recording the voice mails in the a.m. ( I mean after I sleep for a few hours.) Hopefully it will go better on this windows xp puter than it did on the newer laptop.
Again, thanks, all, for the advice.