Save tracks to "the cloud"

Hello Audacity developers!

I’m currently working on a web-based service for music professionals called SoundCloud. Not sure if you heard about us since we have been running the site secretly over the last couple of months but it’s already used by many artists and labels. SoundCloud is for musicians and producers who want to have all their music in “the cloud”, manage it all in one place as well as sharing it with friends and colleagues in a real easy way.

The thing is that people are more and more often requesting ways of exporting/saving tracks from their favorite software right to SoundCloud. However, since our main focus is the platform and the tools on the web service side we thought it might be worth a shot too see if anyone here might be interested in building something like that for Audacity?

We have built an API through which you can access all functionality within the SoundCloud platform. The API is all about providing an easy way to make audio and music available on the web. The API makes the 10000+ tracks uploaded by artists on the SoundCloud audio platform available in a standards-based and open way (REST/oAuth). We have stated our thoughs on development around SoundCloud in our Developers Manifesto, feel free to read it here: or just go straigt to our api pages:

Here is also a good tour of the service:

Oh yeah, the site is invite only at the moment but i made a special guestlist for you guys:


Hi Henrik,

This is the Audacity users forum, we occasionally get developers drop by, but mostly this forum is inhabited by Audacity users. The developers use the mail list here:

I think it is unlikely that your API would be incorporated into Audacity as the Audacity team have consistently kept the focus of Audacity on the single purpose of being an open source, multi-track audio editor. It doesn’t even have CD import as that seems to be considered to be a different application (of which there is no shortage). Of course, the developers may take a different view and like your suggestion - I’m just a user.

BTW, since Audacity is open source, you could develop your own modification of Audacity to include the cloud, so long as you keep to the terms of the GPL Licence.

Aha, ok, thanks for pointing me in the right direction steve.

Ok, that’s understandable. But there is ways of building plugins that could do it aswell right? Doesn’t have to be implemented in the core?

Sure, i know we could do that but as i wrote, it’s more of a resource issue. Too bad because it would be a very cool thing to be able to do. And it doesn’t have to be SoundCloud, could be S3, imeem or whatever. Anyway, thanks for your swift response.