Save songs to burn as CD

Ok so my grand plan was to put some old tapes of my dads band from tape into a cd for him for Xmas. Bought a sub cassette to computer transferrer and loaded audacity (it says version 47. 1a on the disc). I have Windows 7. However I can’t figure out how to save the files as MP3 and they have saved as data file folder for each song which has seperated each song into loads of files and when I try to reopen them in audacity it says it can’t find the file?? I have spent hours tranferribg them and now I can’t use them! Arrrggghhh

I assume you mean a USB converter.

Put the little AU files and the _data folder back exactly as Audacity saved them originally, then you can open the AUP project file you saved.

Then File > Export or similar command as WAV (not MP3), assuming Dad will be playing the CD in a car or some standalone CD player.

You can use Windows Media Player to burn the WAV files to CD. See Tutorial - Burning music files to a CD for full details.