Save settings for all users

Windows 7 64 bit - Audacity 2.0.5 - Seeking to save preferences for all users. Logged onto system as administrator.

Reading the Audacity wiki - I do not find the settings indicated -

Launch Audacity, click Edit > Preferences then the File Formats tab. ( I find Edit / Preferences, but the trail ends there).
Look for the MP3 Export section.

I have installed the lame_enc.dll in the directory with Audacity without any visible change to the issue.

What our user wants is:

DLL files for Audacity need to install - do this once and never again.
Set export to mp3 file as default in Audacity

I have yet to discover how one does this.

Audacity doesn’t do that. All settings are per user.

Those settings are for the obsolete 1.2 version of Audacity. I will update that page. To install LAME for 2.0.5, please see Audacity Manual .

Follow Audacity Manual .

Just File > Export… , choose the “MP3 Files” item from the “Save as type” list, then click “Options…” to set the MP3 bit rate.

Next time you use File > Export…, the “MP3 Files” option will be already selected.