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I have copied from my L.P to my computer using Audacity 1.2. Now I want to save a copy in case I make mistakes in editing, and could begin again. How can I do this? I am a bit confused by what you say in Recording with Audacity,in 1.Creat a new project. what do you mean by: " Save an empty project, or use one from the Previous Part" ?
Also, I tried creating a duplicate part to work with, in order to safeguard the original, can I get rid of this duplicate, and just keep my Original? I use Windows X.P Many thanks. Roy Windmill

Just be careful - don’t fall into the elephant trap that catches a lot of folks out.

SAVE produces a stored copy of an Audacity project structure - hundreds or thaousands of little audio clips in a folder and a control file to manage the clips and the graphics.

EXPORT (to WAV or MP3 say) produces a music file or files that can be played by software players or portable devices.


Hi waxcylinder, I have just replied to your post, and I have been asked to sign in again. Problems!! hopefully you will get this reply! Mainly, after thanking you for your help, I am asking you to have another look at my post to answer my questions, like how can I get rid of the Duplicate I have created , which now sits at the botton of my original recording.
Thanks again, Roy Windmill

Assuming that I have understood you properly and you have created a second stereo track below the first one. If that is the case then you can delete one of the tracks simply by clicking in the little X in the top left hand corner of the track.


Excuse this question if it has been answered previously or if it is listed somewhere, but I couldn’t find it doing a search. I have a very straightforward question. I have edited a wav file using some equalization effects. Some of the responses here to questions about saving this file is to export it as a wav file but I don’t see how to do that when I select “export” or “export project”. I just get an Edit Metadata window. If I select Save… the only format choice is .xml file. What am I missing here? I just want to save the newly edited wav file with a new name.


@rtpal1 For a start I’d turn off the metadata editor - go to Edit > Preferences > Import/Export and uncheck the box that says Show Metadata Editor prior to export step and then click the OK button. Thereafter you should’t get the metadat editor dialog box appearing in export (personally I think that off should be the OOTB default rather than on as it is).

The type of export you get is (in 1.3.x) governed by the export dialog box - which you won’t have seen yet as you probably stopped at the metadata dialog box. In the Export dialog there is a dropdown called Save as type

And next time please start a new thread in the forum for a new question rather than piggy-backing on an existing (and irrelevant to your query) posting. This will help to keep the forum more navigable for users. Thanks.


Thanks, waxcylinder! That was just what I needed. It worked perfectly. I agree with you, metadata should be turned off as the default. Don’t understand their rationale.

Other forums prefer someone try to post a question in an already existing thread that is pertinent, or at least fairly related, to the question instead of adding yet another thread. That is why I first did a search with my question. Although I couldn’t find an answer, I saw which thread(s) most of the questions related to mine was posted to. The thread,“Save project”, seemed to be suggestive of the theme of my question. I didn’t mean to clutter the forum.

Thanks again for the assistance. Audacity seems to be a great piece of audio editing software for the mac.

Previously used Audacity OK on a PC. Tried it on new MacBook Pro Mac OS X 10.5.4 with a few problems. Now trying Audacity 1.3.8 and can’t save or export. Tried everything I could find here to no avail. Hopefully I’m just missing some obscure setting. Any suggestions please?

Like Waxy said. Please don’t double post.


Hi W.C, Thanks for your reply. Your advice for removing the Duplicate track worked perfectly. Thanks. I can continue to edit now, though I’m sure there will be more queries! Roy Windmill