Save Project no longer works: goes to Save Project As... instead

I’m running Win10 on a Dell Inspiron, Audacity 2.4.1. I’ve used Audacity for years without any issue but now I’m flummoxed by a problem. When I choose “Save Project,” Audacity pulls up “Save Project As” which of course won’t work for saving the first iteration of a project. The only reason I can think of for this error occurring now is that I recently loaded the latest Win10 update. If this is in fact the case, I’m kicking myself for two reasons: (1) apparently I loaded the update over 10 days ago so the Windows rollback won’t work. (2) I stupidly neglected to create a restore point before downloading the update.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I tried uninstalling Audacity and reinstalling but that didn’t help. So have I rendered my copy of Audacity unusable at this point? And assuming it is a Win10 update issue, wait until bug fixes for the update are available and hope Audacity will work after the fixes?

Thanks in advance!
Audacity Save Project Error.jpg

If you try to save an audacity project with “SAVE PROJECT” it can not work. The project has no filename at this moment. That is the reason, why (also in the V2.3.3) AUDACITY changes to “SAVE PROJECT AS…”, where if offers you a oportunity to enter a file name and AUDACITY will save it.

So the regular way to save a new project for the first time is always to use “SAVE PROJECT AS…” with creating a new file and a new filename. The following sessions use “SAVE PROJECT” to update the already existing files with the work of today.

The typical use of “SAVE PROJECT AS…” is using a new filename and creating a new file. Overwriting an existing file is (technical) possible, but not really a useful way to save files.

I tested it in V2.3.3: When you click on “SAVE PROJECT”, AUDACITY changes to “SAVE PROJECT AS…” and finishes the saving correctly. I have no idea, how you did it…, but your observation, that your version of AUDACITY failed in this case, for me looks like you have found a bug.

It has 100% nothing to do with Windows or any Windows Updates.

That is what is supposed to happen.

Prior to Audacity 2.2.2 “Save Project” was grayed out until you had used “Save Project As” - we changed that in 2.2.2 and in all versions since than so that “Save Project” is available for initial save.

Despite what Midimaster says - you CAN use Save Project for the initial save of a project - and when you do you will get that Save as dialog as Audacity at that stage has no idea where you want to save it or name it,

I know it works as I have been doing that many times- I always save a new empty project first to avoid Audacity using the temporary files and then having to copy them over on a later initial save.


I just tested this on W10 with 2.4.1 and it works fine for me.


I agree with you. Of course he can use “SAVE” from the very first moment, but AUDACITY will automatically change to “SAVE AS…”. But how was he possible to produce this error message?