save old music from old casetts

I want to record old casetts from an old casettradio, please help
I haved the old radio/casett deck. and I just bought the audio cable that suppose to go from the out speaker on the radio to the computers
sound card… where I normally put teh headset, no ??
I have down loaded Audacity… but then I am lost
Can anyone guid me through the prosess of how to push buttons so I can get the music into my computer ??
The ide is to let go of all the old casetts…
might be easier to listen from the computer. At least is ment to be a try… :slight_smile:

all the best from Solveigs kusin in Stockholm

See this set of tutorials:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD


i am doing that now
but adding a step to burn cd roms to playback
but you can listen from the computer if you wish
(be sure to back up and save a copy!!)

if you are playing from the speaker out
then that is “line” (high) level
put the cable into the line level input on your pc
do NOT put it into the microphone input

start audacity program
select input as line

start audacity recording - click on red/orange circle
push the play button on the tape player

watch the blue track
adjust volume on the player and/or the audacity gain control
you want to see the top of the wave form in the -24db range

once you have found the right volume settings
stop the tape
rewind it
delete the file just recorded

now repeat the recording process and let it go until the tape ends

edit any noise and/or silence from the beginning and end of the tape
do any other fixes or effects you want (noise removal, eq, etc. )
finally amplify or normalise the entire track to -3 db

save the file as wav 16 bit 44100sample rate
burn cd and/or play from your pc