Save noise profile to use them with multiple files

Audacity has one of the best noise reduction tools out there, but it has one big problem, it doesn’t save noise profiles to use them on multiple files or instances.

My feature request is to add “save noise profile”, as a file or make slots to ui, where to choose them by clicking them, to save them as files, can be better choice to those who want to use the tool for scripting.

My use case is that i use dji action camera and it splits those video files always as 4GB files, so i what i want to do is, take the sample from beginning of the file1 and use that on all the others. Because the camera just splits the video, it is very problematic starting to find that same noise from those other video files.

Please, make this happen! :slight_smile:


There is a simple workaround:

  1. create a project with just your noise sample
    then either:
  2. Save this little project, or
  3. Export it as a WAV file (ideally 32-bit rather than the default 16-bit)

Then you can later either
4) open the project from step 2, or
5) import the WAV file from step 3
and from this you can resample your “standard” noise profile.


Ideally i don’t want workarounds, it has too many steps and sure i use it already, that’s why feature request.

Sorry for digging out this old post.
I followed your workaround but I can’t figure out how to apply the noise sample can be used exactly. I took noise profile just from the imported wav but there is no change. Not like in the first song.