Save individual file to mp3

I record a file and export to mp3, I then record another and overwrite the first one except it doesn’t overwrite it.#
How can I record and save one file at a time? Windows 8

Didn’t you get this when you tried?
Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 12.24.53 PM.png

Yes but when I replace then play the file it is still the first one as if audacity is holding on to it.

Right then. That’s not what happens to me. I get the new file. What’s magic about your show? Is it a million hours long? Did you try to use punctuation marks in the filename? Which Audacity version are you using? Where are you saving the files?

If you replace the old file with a file longer than the old one, which file length wins?

If you change one character in the filename and export that, does that work?


Did you open/play the first mp3 file in another application?

This sounds like an iTunes problem. Are you using iTunes?