Save folders - use Album title and artist

I have been converting records to MP3 format. A very useful option for me would have been to allow tracks to automatically be exported to Artist\Album Title folders, i.e. folders would be created based on Meta Data.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think my comment (here) about balancing usefulness and complexity is relevant here too.

An initially cute-sounding idea - but …

So which of the Metadata fields would you elect for the folder creation
a) album name
b) artist name
c) genre
d) year
e) comments (and this is not as daft as it sounds)?

Or some combination of the above - or perhaps it should be a settable option in prefs. So you can see how soon it could be come complex (too complex and overly for many users).

A decade or so ago I used Audacity to covert thousands of LPs singles and tapes and never felt the need for this.

And I note that when I save a file in Word or Excel, Widows never suggests a folder based on the content of the document it relies on me managing the taxonomy of my data.