Save File without showing dialogue

I was a bit surprised but it become a stumbling-stone for me. After a session of fully automated audio record I want audacity to save project to file with automaticaly generated name, but I can’t because my project has no name.
I found out AudacityProject::GetName and as I see standard save file dialogue operate with AudacityProject::mFileName, but I can’t find any handles to change mFileName without calling save file dialogue. Is it possible to somehow save project automaticaly?

I’m going to be very busy for the next four days and will not have a lot of time to devote to this thread; you can probably figure this out for yourself from the AudioBiocolor code but if you get stuck post back here with questions (it might be Tuesday before I have time to reply).

I also had this problem to solve for a client; here is a link to the thread which started it all:

Audacity AudioBiocolor is a project I work on for a French medical team. I also had to solve the problem of automatically saving a file for them; here is a link which will allow you to download the complete Windows project:
Unfortunately, I have never before posted this project on my server; it’s uploading right now but it will take a couple of hours (I have very slow upload speeds) – I would suggest you wait at least 10 hours after you read this before you click on the above link to download the file.

“Audacity AudioPlus” is a project I work on for Spanish television production studio; version 1.1 has only minor differences compared to Audacity and probably will not be very interesting to you. “Audacity AudioPlus 2” has major differences and might be of interest. Here are links for complete Windows projects:
Audacity_AudioPlus 1.1:

Audacity_AudioPlus 2:

Every time I make a change in the Audacity source code for one of my own projects I make a notation by adding my initials (efm5) in comments; if the change is also specific to a given client I will also add their name or project name:

   miUntitledProjects = 1;//efm5

   :  wxDialog(parent, -1, _("About Audacity_AudioBiocolor..."),//efm5 Pierre

   //efm5  start
   samplePen.SetColour(63, 77, 155);
   dragSamplePen.SetColour(0, 100, 0);
   //efm5  end

   //efm5 start AEQ
   bool mDoingAEQMPEG;
   bool mDoingAEQPCM;
   //efm5  end AEQ

I apologize in advance for the extreme size of the above zip files; all of my clients prefer to get a complete Windows Project when I deliver a finished software job!