Save clips without labelling


I recorded some sentences by the microphone using Audacity. To start recording a sentence I used the shortcut “r” and to stop recording “space”.
At the end of the recording I had a single track and multiple clips.

To export the clips to separate files I:

  • labelled each clip
  • used the command “Export multiple”

Is there any way to avoid the manual labelling operation?
Thnak you, s.

Which version of Audacity are you using?

You can use Shift+Record to record each clip on a new track
and then in Export Multiple, export based on tracks (rather than labels)

See this page in the manual:


It’s also possible to automatically add labels for each audio clip, but how to do that depends on the version of Audacity (which is why the pink panel at the top of this page says to always state the Audacity version number).