Save and open again

I have windows 10 and a .exe copy of Audacity

I looked and looked for the post I made yesterday so I just have to post again. I asked if one could save a set of tracks and open it again the next day. I was pointed to a manual page, but I no longer have it. Could I have it again please.

Also. I saved a project yesterday and I’m left with a file that looks like the Audacity icon and a folder with a few oo ee type files. HOW do I reopen my saved file please?
What do I put where. I don’t remember the manual telling me that either.

Thank you Canary

Your post is here and the answer was to save a project. As a new user your posts don’t appear until a moderator has approved them. When you have made more posts that have been approved, you will be able to post without moderation.

Open the AUP file. There is a link to it in File > Recent Files top left of Audacity. See

There is a longer article explaining all about projects here: