Saturation issues while recording


I am kind of new user of audacity. I have Audacity 2.0.3 installed on a mac 10.6. I use the H2 Zoom as a microphone… The H2 Zoom, I think, is properly connected…
My issue is this: Whenever I record, I get at some point big saturation.
So, for exemple, I am trying to record a song… I record the guitar first… So far, no issues… Then, I want to record the voice over, I put my headphones on to listen to the guitar track and press record to put the voice on it… So it works for a bit then suddenly it makes big saturation…
So I have checked cabling (I use the USB to connect as it is shown on any website for the H2 Zoom) I tried to check preferences ect. but I can’t find my answer and can not solve my problem… Each time I do the recording, it f@#%ing do the saturation all the time at random moment…
I looked all over the web and can’t find anybody with the same issue… Does anyone here able to help me?

Thank you so much!!!

Use another USB cable.

Plug into a spare USB port. Do not plug-into a USB hub connected to the USB port.

Choose a sensible project rate bottom left of Audacity (44100, 48000 or 96000 Hz).

Or forget recording with USB. Just save the recording as WAV in the H2 then use the USB connection only to drag the saved WAV into the computer.


Thanx very much Gale, I will try the hertz, maybe see if I have another cable. I will let you know if it works… Music projects aren’t for today! :frowning: