Samson G track

Hi, I’m having a problem with my samson G track, Yesterday it was on but it was not reacting to sound AT ALL, the only way I could get a reaction out of it was by tapping the mic which made a red light appear showing too much pressure/sound has been applied

Anyway, my headphones are working now when connected to the microphone which is a change from yesterday, however I cannot get the mic to record at all, it keeps recording from the computers microphone for some reason. Everything was ok 2 days ago but it has just changed recently. I’m using windows 7 and am havin quite a bit of difficulty with it so please say step by step instructions if possible…


We have different parts of the forum for Audacity 1.2.x and 1.3.x because what applies to one version does not necessarily apply to the other.
Let us know which version of Audacity you have (Help menu > Audacity) and we’ll move your post to the appropriate place and hopefully resolve the problem.

A general point about USB audio devices:

Sometimes they do not initialise correctly - to fix this try:

(a) rebooting the computer. Wait until the USB device has been recognised by Windows before you open Audacity.

(b) use "Safely Remove Hardware to disconnect the device, switch off the device and wait a moment, then switch the device back on. Wait until the device has been recognised by Windows, then open Audacity.

The other thing to check is that you have the correct device selected for recording and for playback in "Edit menu > Preferences > " (exact location depends on the Audacity version)

I’m using the 1.3 BETA edition, It sounds really stupid but I’m having a lot of trouble disconnecting the device safetly, I just keep unplugging it and i tried rebooting it but nothing, ah well I’ll figure out how to disconnectit safetly n den try it. I’ll try the rest aswel, thanks