Samson G-track recording problem

Hi everybody,

I’m facing with a major problem trying to record voice using the Samson G-track mic. I have no idea how to solve it. After recording the voice is distorted and played back much faster than oiginal voice speed (about 2x faster). Does anybody have an idea how to repair it? I attached a mp3 sample.

I used both audacity and other free recording softwares. The effect is the same. I’m using Windows XP OS.

Sorry for my english, I’m not a naitive.

If the G-Track records bad audio in other software then it’s broken or there’s something wrong with the USB ports on your computer. Can you try a different computer?


I’ll able to try other PC tomorrow. I tested the mic on monitors using the headphone output in the mic and the sound is clear so maybe there’s something wrong with USB ports as you mentioned or maybe with USB divers

I tested a G-Track and it’s pretty simple. I don’t remember any drivers. Koz