Samson C01U Microphone

Hi sorry, new to the forum and home recording.
I have recently purchased a C01U and all the stands/spider set up etc and downloaded Audacity to record.

When recording with the normal Windows voice recorder, its a bit louder and quite normal sounding but sadly its the fact i have record then transfer to an editor to fix pops etc.

When recording on Audacity, it is quite echoy and cold sounding - as if im sitting far away from the microphone in an empty room, when infact its right infront of me and the only thing between myself and the mic is a pop filter.

i dont know much about levels, i have only just guessed how to remove noice so any advice how to make this a bit louder and “warmer” would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you using a laptop with a built-in mic? Make sure you selected the USB device as the recording device in Preferences → Devices. It may happen that you’re recording from the built-in mic or some other source.

What version of Audacity are you using? 1.3.12 is recommended.

Which Windows version do you have? Vista and 7 are know for “helping” users with some “enhancements” for voice chat software such as skype. Search in the control panel for advanced effects in the mic input and turn them off.

you’re a star - exactly that! i discovered that i had my microphone headset plugged in and the Audacity prioritised that as default.

thanks so much! x