Sampling With Audacity to Use with Reason 4.0

I’m currently trying to use audacity to cut samples to load into reason 4.0. To do so, I need to convert my mp3 files into wav clips to be loaded into reason. Currently I am trying to cut out the parts of songs that I need and loading them into blank audacity projects. I then export this project as a wav and try to load it into reason, however I am told that it is an unsupported format. What am I doing wrong?

Do the .wavs you export from Audacity play properly in other applications, e.g. Windows Media Player?

If so, it looks like the problem lies with the way Reason deals with the files. Does it want a particular .wav format? (the standard is 16-bit PCM, but there are many other formats which are used by different applications)

If not, then we can look further at the Audacity end.

BTW, though it doesnt affect your .wav problem, if you are starting with mp3s as your input for processing in Reason, you have already lost some of the song’s sound quality through the mp3 compression process. Can you go back to the source that the mp3s were made from?