Sampling parameters do not change in exported files

I have recorded several vinyl records using version 2.0.5 as 24-bit signed and/or 36-bit float at 96K sampling rate WAV files. I clean them up and save them to the network server. From there I play them with MS Media Player. I then convert some of them to CDDA by separating the tracks and exporting each as 16-bit/44100 and using drag and drop into MP I burn a CD. This has worked in the past, but now recently I find that the files are not being exported properly as 16/44K and MP will not burn the disc.

I tried removing and reinstalling Audacity, and upgrading to 2.0.6 both with the same result. I loaded ffmpeg and I am able to export at 44K, but the bits stay at 24+ even though I chose 16 bit in ffmpeg.

Will someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

First level maintenance is to really reinstall Audacity. As part of the installer package, Audacity will ask you if you want to save your old settings. The default is you do. Install again and this time say no, you don’t want all your old settings.


Thank you, I appreciate the help.

I uninstalled 2.0.5, then reinstalled. Said no to saving settings. Same problem.
I uninstalled 2.0.5, then deleted the remaining directory. I then installed 2.0.6 and said no. Same problem.
I installed ffmpeg and used it but still had half the problem as mention in the original post.
It crashed and then it had a problem with loading ffmpeg afterward, so I uninstalled ffmpeg.
I recorded a new sound sample and tried to down convert by exporting. Same problem.

Anything else I can try?

To export as “16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV”:

  1. Ensure that the “project rate” is set to 44100 (bottom left corner of the main Audacity window.
  2. File menu > Export Audio
  3. Select “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM” as the file format.

I tried this and when I reload the exported file into Audacity it shows to be at 44.1K, but still says 32 bit float. Windows Explorer says it is the correct size and bit rate, so I will try to burn them on a CD again. I never had to touch that setting before; I just set the default to 96K and left it there. I am wondering what changed? :confused:

By default, Audacity converts the audio to 32 bit float on import. The exception to this is some compressed format which Audacity cannot (yet) convert automatically. When processing audio it is advantageous to work in 32 bit float format, which is why Audacity does this by default.

When you start a new Audacity project, the Project Rate is set to the default that is set in Preferences (44100 Hz unless you have changed it).

If you manually set the Project Rate to 96000 and then export, the exported file will have a sample rate of 96000 Hz. The Project Rate will remain at 96000 Hz until you start a new project. If, you continue working in Audacity, the sample rate will be 96000 Hz. If you shut down Audacity and re-launch, or if you start a new project (for example with “File > New”) then the new project will be set to the default.

The default sample rate is set in “Edit > Preferences > Quality”. This should normally be 44100 Hz.