Sampling old vinyl

Hello again. I have been saving old vinyl albums for the,purpose of making samples to put in my music. The equiptment is as follows… Hp compaq presarioCQ56, running windows 7, 64bit 2.00 ram, newest audacity software, the new mp3 converters lame and the other. My input device (behringer 302usb) is recieved by asio4all sound card that is also 64 bit capable. The mixer is marketed as 5 input but it is truly only capable of dedicating to one track, you can plug xlr or 1/4 into one channel, coaxile into another then use the sterio jacks for an out put to a sound system.i will attach a link to the mixer. The record player is a kenwood kd291r, its a simple belt drive with red/white sterio output.

When I set up to record I swt the input and out put drivers to the behringer/asio4all drivers, pllug the,turntable into,the avalible unput on my mixer and output to the main mix. I know how to set up in audacity’s preferenses, and cant find anything out of order in my method.

The result is the looming blue line!! Do I need aditional software to record vinyl? I am excited to see the error in my ways…
with regards, Nicholas

start off with a read if this set of tutorials:

especially this one:

And no you don’t need other s/w - Audacity is absolutely fine for recording vinyl.


Nicholas, what you’re missing is a phono preamp, which is a standard feature in DJ mixers but not on your model.

Perhaps you have a stereo component that can do the job from which you can then route the output into the Beheringer. . . ?

So, the 302usb has a deducated " phantom power"which comes standard with this unit" which works to power my condenser studio mic for example, I was under the impression this would send power to the channel I wish to input am I wrong?

I’m afraid not. Your turntable already receives all the power it needs directly from the mains. What you need is to amplify the audio signal coming from the turntable, and the mic amplifier in the Beheringer can’t do that job for you.

I suggest you try to search for ‘phono preamp’ on Amazon. They come in a wide range of prices and I’m not sure that higher price necessarily equates to better performance for the purposes of ripping vinyl. For example I use a fairly high end Pro-Ject preamp but frankly I am not entirely happy with the results.

Ok, sadly my research led me to the same end, which is more time and money= patience haha. I am grateful for the advice and I just have one more question about this. In short am i unable to use the power from my sterio system "“not mentioned sorry” and draw a riaa curve with the eq effect? Sorry to beat the rhe straw man "

I use the ARTcessories DJ-Pre11 phono preamp (for amlification and RIAA EQ) and I am very happy with it.


As far as I am aware it is impossible to get something useful out of the phono signal via software, but you might be able to rig something up with your existing stereo. Does it have a dedicated phono in and a Tape Out or something along those lines?

WC~Thanks for the tip!

In short am i unable to use the power from my sterio system "“not mentioned sorry”…

Only if you have an older stereo with phono-in i.e. a built-in phono preamp) and tape-outputs.

Tape outputs are line level, and I believe your mixer has stereo line-ins. Or, you can get a phono preamp and run the line-outputs into your mixer. Or, you can get a [u]phono preamp with a built-in USB ADC[/u].

…and draw a riaa curve with the eq effect?

Some people do that, but it’s not going to help you. You don’t have a stereo microphone preamp in your mixer. Plus, although microphone preamps have approximately the same gain as phono preamps, but the impedance is & wiring is totally wrong. Microphone inputs are low impedance (600 Ohms “nominal”) balanced (3 wire), whereas phono cartridges are unbalanced (2-wire) designed for a 47,000 Ohm load. And the last thing you want to do is accidently run 48V phantom power into a phono cartridge!

Swell, you have been a great help
thank you