Samples, no forum for that here?

Where can I find samples that I can use in my songs? Not gonna buy them because I’m still trying to find out if I can do something I want with Audacity or if I need another kind of software altogether. I’d appreciate any help. :slight_smile:

For sound effects and stuff like that, is good.
For music sample, try SoundCloud, YouTube, Google, and so on. There’s masses of free stuff out there, you just need to look.

We have no shortage of “Where can I get…” postings. You can use the search window at the top right of the forum to see if there is anything available here.

Most people do blitzkrieg postings. Post a question, get an answer and get out. Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom.

Other than that, you can Google. Audacity can edit most major sound formats, so it almost doesn’t matter where you get samples from, unless they use proprietary format.


I actually did… Maybe I need a music maker forum. This one is almost exclusively about programming isn’t it.

Also searched the internet, but some people have told me that a lot of free files have some kind of malware coming with them that’s very hard to detect. Any truth to that?

Any truth to that?

Yes. We warn people to only get Audacity from the certified web site, too. And don’t pay for it.

This one is almost exclusively about programming isn’t it.

It may seem like that because people post that they want to do insane and oddball things, but Audacity is intended to be an audio production program. Start with Stuff and make a Show.

Stuff > Show.

This is me recording 1/2 of a broadcast radio show in Audacity. Record the voice, Export a normal, very high quality WAV file and Present it to the client — who loved it. That’s more normal.

Remember we only get postings from people that have water up to the lifeboats and sinking rapidly. So I don’t know this is a good place to evaluate the program.

I bet there is an enormously number of churches who Audacity their sermons each week. Like clockwork. I use it as my generic audio program (along with Lame and FFMpeg which are required for modern audio formats).


When the forum was originally set up, it was done as a “community forum”.
What has happened over the years is that people realised they could get technical support here for almost any problem about using Audacity, so little by little it became the official “Help Forum” for Audacity.

Personally, my interest in Audacity comes from making music. We are even considering opening some “special interest” boards on the forum, including a board about making music with Audacity, so as to broaden the scope of the forum away from just fixing problems.

Yes you need to be careful when downloading stuff from the Internet. There’s a lot of bad stuff out there. We work hard to try to keep this little corner of cyberspace safe and family friendly. It is essential these days to take precautions, such as using an up to date anti-virus program and keeping your system updated so that security vulnerabilities are fixed in a timely manner. Don’t ever install anything onto your computer unless you are sure what it is. Audio files do not need to be “installed”, so if you try downloading an audio file and it asks to “install”, that’s a warning - don’t do it.

As Koz wrote, only download programs from places that you trust. The official download location for Audacity is here: Audacity ® | Downloads

Freesound , e.g.