Sample Tank 3 Plugin?

Has anyone successfully used Sample Tank 3 as a plugin to Audacity? If so, please instruct which folders/files can be moved to the PLUGIN folder.

*Please be gentle… I’m a neophyte." :wink:

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The answer is “probably not”. Audacity does not support VST instruments, so the only features that might work would be any that are “effects” that run on existing audio.

Also, Sample Tank 3 and its free version are 64-bit plugins. They require a 64-bit version of Windows and a 64-bit VST host. Audacity is only a 32-bit VST host. So Audacity would not even see the plugin unless you ran Sample Tank inside a “bridging” wrapper like that would present Sample Tank to Audacity as if it were a 32-bit plugin.

The bridging wrapper would be installed as if it were a VST plugin, to any of the locations where Audacity looks for VST plugins: See the instructions for the wrapper for more details.

What are your goals in asking this question? Are you trying to create piano or organ sounds, for example?


Thanks Gale,
re: I’m running Win7 with tons of RAM and disk space in 64-bit
My goal WAS to include all Sample Tank instruments; but I can see from your post that it’s not going to happen. I was aware of the vst-bridge plugin but it’s for a bygone era with WinXP. Way back in 2007 Audacity used to supply the bridge wrapper
I did locate the SampleTank3.dll in the VstPlugins folder under Program Files. I copied it into Audacity/Plugins folder. I then ENABLED it under Effects and Generate; but couldn’t bring it up.
My guess at a solution is to output tracks from Sample Tank as an assembled “song” file and see if Importing into Audacity would keep the track integrity for editing.
Otherwise, I may be forced to go with another DAW like Mulabs.
If nothing else this has been a very enlightening learning experience.

VST-bridge was not a 64-bit to 32-bit wrapper. JBridge is a 64-bit to 32-bit wrapper. That or similar is what you would use to make Audacity see a 64-bit VST effect. But even with that I doubt much of Sample Tank 3 would be usable in Audacity, if it showed up at all.

Yes if you can save from Sample Tank 3 as a WAV, Audacity could import the WAV. It could import MIDI too but you can only do simple cut and paste MIDI edits in Audacity, and cannot convert MIDI to audio.


No luck on outputting anything from SampleTank in any common file format like .wav
Nothing created there would load in Audacity.
I found a 32-bit combo organ vst; but again Audacity let me Manage it but would not let me grab it as an Effect.
I have ordered a midi controller keyboard which I am assuming requires a sample of an instrument to allow me to compose… it’s just a controller, right?
Are there any instrument plugins that you know, which are useable in Audacity?

As I said, Audacity does not support VST instruments.

Have you looked at Sample Tank 3’s manual? I cannot find an answer online, but there must be some way to save as audio or MIDI.

If there really isn’t any way to save audio, then play your instruments in Sample Tank 3 and record that playback into Audacity

All Audacity can do with MIDI is cut and paste edit a MIDI file. Audacity does not accept MIDI input or MIDI control.


Regardless of how I could get a file into Audacity, if I can’t record a midi-controller using an instrument VST, I would be wasting my time with Audacity. The sad part is that IKMultimedia doesn’t have a true recording DAW. Their products are mostly for live performance playback with loops and patterns. I’ll keep searching for the right DAW.


Then the only way you could record with Audacity would probably be to use a real-time VST host like then set Audacity to record from the host’s output.


Perhaps try installing “SampleTank3.x.dll” into Reaper (or some other VSTi host, such as Sonar, Cubase et al).

That is what I plan to do although I hoped that Audacity could handle it. Audacity has a less harsh learning curve.
The other problem is that SampleTank3 is VST3 64-bit. People are just learning how to deal with that.
My only goal is to compose, record with my midi controller keyboard using rich sound samples, as simply as possible.

According to IK it’s VST 2 as well. If not, we could have ruled it out in Audacity to begin with.