sample rates

my windows 10 was just reinstalled and audacity plays old files fine but new recordings are a tone lower - I use and alesis usb io/2 and have reinstalled the driver. tried all the various 44.1 48 settings. and different usb ports. it is set up for MME and the i02 input and output seem to show ok. many thanks for any advice

Are you recording AND playing-back on the Alesis, or recording on the Alesis and playing-back on your regular soundcard? …Sometimes the internal hardware clocks (oscillators) don’t match. No clock is perfect but if there’s a noticeable problem caused by a clock, I’d tend to blame the “cheap” consumer soundcard/soundchip. The Alesis is probably OK.

It’s rare for the sample rate to get fouled-up digitally but sometimes things can go wrong and it’s usually a driver problem. But, changing the sample rate or resampling isn’t supposed to change speed/pitch because the sample rate is normally communicated properly between the hardware, software, drivers, and files and everything is supposed to adjust accordingly.

hi, thanks for responding - I am checking all the settings - I use the alesis for in and out - this prob is just since reinstalling win 10. it only happens on new recordings. I did upsample a recording from 44.1 to 48 and it came back to the correct pitch.

all sorted, I went into the win 10 sound settings, advanced, and changed the 48 to 44.1 and new recordings are now ok - thanks again.